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Exclusive tartan for our 125th anniversary
To mark its 125th anniversary, the famous hotel has created its custom tartan. Its basic colors alone summarize the history of the place. Black recalls the shale of Cap-aux-Diamants; dark blue evokes the St. Lawrence River, gateway to the continent; the royal blue symbolizes France and the Count of Frontenac; gold representing the luxe of Château Frontenac, white is associated with winter, the Château having long been the promoter of snow sports in Quebec City. This predominantly blue tartan is a reminder of comfort and joie de vivre.
This tartan is found in the Scottish Register of Tartans.
This tartan made of 100% merino wool is for sale at Lambert & Co store, located in the lobby of Château Frontenac. It was created by Marise Vaugeois, the shop owner.
Scarfs, shawls and throws are available. For more information, contact the store at 418-694-2151.
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